Straight Stub Milling Arbors

stub milling arbor


For holding saws or small cutters. These arbors are designed and made to fit directly into standard end mill adapters. Includes spacers and nut. Arbors furnished with standard keyways and LH arbor nut.


Product Description

•  A useful tool for holding saws or bore and face cutters.
•  The Thick washers and counter sunk screws permit the cutters
to be positioned near the end of the arbor as well as giving enough locking power.


Item Code No.ShankHolding Cutter Dia.Draw Bar
ABM-IMT-3910MT21”3/8”  BSW
ABM-IMT-3911MT31”3/8”  BSW
ABM-IMT-3912R81”7/16” UNF

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