Precision Sine Vise – Screwless Type

Precision Sine Vise Screwless Type


A sine vise is a special-purpose vise designed for holding work at a very accurate angle. A sine vise is not rigid enough for every-day work. It’s called a sine vise because you calculate the sine of the angle you want when you set up the vise.The sine vise is a screwless vise that sits on two cylinders. One cylinder is the axis of rotation of the vise body. The second cylinder is positioned very precisely at a known distance from the axis of rotation.


Product Description

• Manufactured from Tool Steel fully hardened 55 - 60 HRC.
• Precision ground and mounted onto a Precision hinged bottom plate.
• All the surface of vises are precisely ground for extreme accuracy.
• A minute angle step of 0.2” / 5 mm allows very small angles to be set  with ease using standard gauge blocks.


Item Code No.Size InchSize mm

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