Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrenches / Handle

adjustable tap reamer wrench handle
adjustable tap reamer wrench handleadjustable tap reamer wrench handle


Double-end adjustable wrenches, also known as bar wrenches, have one threaded handle which is attached to one of the clamps. The clamp is opened to insert the tool and then tightened down against the tool to secure it. This type of tap wrench is used with larger taps and where there is room for a larger wrench


Product Description

• Hardened and tempered jaws.
• Shiny black finish.
• General tool for handy tapping.
• High Quality Tool for Hand Tapping Operation.
• Smaller Sizes available in Zinc Die Casting.
• Large sizes above 3/4” available in Steel Casting Only.


Item Code No.
Zinc Die Casting
Item Code No.
Tap Capacity
Tap Capacity
Total Length
Total Length
ABM-IMT-6010ABM-IMT-60151/16” to 1/4”1.5 to 67”175
ABM-IMT-6011ABM-IMT-60161/16” to 3/8”1.5 to 109”225
ABM-IMT-6012ABM-IMT-60175/32” to 1/2”4 to 1211”275
ABM-IMT-6013ABM-IMT-60185/32” to 3/4”4 to 1815”375
--ABM-IMT-60191/4” to 1-1/8”6 to 2719”475
--ABM-IMT-60203/4” to 1-1/2”18 to 3540”1000
--ABM-IMT-60211” to 2-1/2”25 to 6054”1350


Item Code No.Sets
ABM-IMT-60143 Pc Die Cast Body Set Consisting ABM-IMT-6010  to ABM-IMT-6012

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