Engineer’s Precision Tools


Adjustable Bevel
Beam Trammel
Steel Rules
Brass Vernier Callipers
Vernier Callipers
Hermaphrodite Callipers
Firm Joint (Odd Leg) Jenny Callipers
Firm Joint Callipers and Dividers
Spring Callipers & Dividers (Flat Leg)
Quick Release Callipers (German Type) (Square Leg)
Woodworking Callipers
Wing Compass
Wing Compass (Square Leg)
Wing Compass - Heavy Duty - Square Leg - With Pencil Holder
Steel Parallels
Sine Bar Economy
Sine Bar Precision
V Block Casted
V Block Quadruple
Ultra Precision V Block
Machinist V Block Set - Machinist
Precision V Block & Clamp Set - Multiside
Precision V Block & Clamp Set - Ultimate - All Angle
Precision Adjustable Angle Block Set
Precision Steel Squares - Engineers
Precision Steel Squares - Flat and Back Base
Adjustable Steel Squares
Centre Squares
Dial Comparator Stand - Fine Adjustments
Zero Point Setter
Micrometer Economy
Micrometer Stand Base - Standard
Carbide Scraper
Carbide Scraper - Magnetic Tip
Pocket Scraper
Pocket Scraper - Eclipse Type
Marking Knife Scriber
Single Point Scriber
Two Point Scriber
Two Fixed Point Scriber
Three Point Scriber
Machinist Scraper
Triangular Scraper
Wiggler Centre Finders
Round Bar Centre Finder
Edge Finder - Centre Finder
Electronic Edge Finder
Vee Angle Block & Angle Plate Combined
Stepped Angle Plate
Right Angle Iron Plate
Slotted Machine Angle Plate - Webbed & Open
Solid Angle Plate
Surface Plate - Cast Iron & Graphite
Magnetic Back for Dial Indicator
Magnetic V Block Set
Magnetic Chuck Parallels & Universal V Blocks

GAUGES  List of Items  :  

Bore Gauge
Dial Bore Gauge
Center Gauge
Drill Gauge
Twist Drill Grinding Gauges
Universal Grinding Gauges
Wire Gauge - Wire Gage
Feeler Gauge - Thickness Gauge
Radius Gauge - Locking Type
Radius Gauge - Ring Type
Screw Cutting Gauge
Brass Tyre Profile Depth Gauge
Screw Pitch Gauge
Screw Pitch Gauge - 51 Leaves
Vernier Height Gauge
Protractor - Degree Protractor
Protractor Cum Depth Gauge
Depth Gauge
Surface Marking Block Gauge - Round Base
Surface Gauge Tool Makers

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